Brenda Kelly

Our little Irish love Brenda is back from her time off, due to health reasons she has not been able to tattoo.
Mind, I can assure you (and show you!) that she is back with a vengeance.

Her first piece back was this amazing Mau Moko face –

brenda mao

Jeeeez man. Super impressive! (I think he kinda looks like the Candy Man ha!)

Little snake head from a while back

brenda ol

For appointments with Brenda, pop into the shop for a chat – or send us an email on

(Not sure what to say in your email? Check this post out. You will get an auto-response but if you have included all the relevant information – just ignore it!)

Thanks for looking!

Brenda Kelly

Our lil’ Irish gypo Brenda has taken some time off for health reasons – but do not fear she will be back soon!
Lets have a peep at what she did before she left, here is a lovely ship she has been working on

brenda 2

brenda 1

Beautiful huh!

Brenda is taking commissioned art work, If you fancy a unique bit of art for your home send her an email –

Brenda Kelly

Our lil’ irish tinker is over at the Galway Tattoo Show over in her native land! But she will be back with us next week, Tuesday to be precise.
Brenda has some spaces coming up so if you want to get in – now is your chance! Send us an email, or pop into the shop for a chat.

Brenda will be taking some time off from the 30th of September to recover from surgery. She will still be responding to emails – so do not fret!

Cute abstract bunny with wing detail, adorable.

Brenda - bunny


Very dark photos as the lighting wasn’t great, but you get it!

Lets have a sneaky look at some work in progress, this is the start of a big Japanese inspired piece –

Brenda - jap

For bookings/questions –

Thanks for looking!

Brenda Kelly

Our resident Irish GYPO Brenda has been a busy bee recently!

Here is a little peek at some work in progress

Little look at a Rose on the top of a thigh

She has some images that she would love to tattoo for her portfolio – have a look at our Facebook page to see if you fancy taking the plunge.

Brenda also has a one off original piece of work up for sale. It is a Japanese mask done with prismacolor pencil on pastel paper, she is wanting just £40 english pounds including P&P! Email her –


For bookings with Brenda, pop into the shop or send us an email!

Brenda Kelly

Our lovely irish bundle of energy Brenda has been working away as usual!
She has some spaces coming up, so make sure you get in touch for a shiny new tattoo.
Pop into the shop or send us an email –

Here is a little look at some work in progress, a pocket watch piece on the front of a hip –
Brenda - watch WIP
Brenda has a couple of machines up for sale –
Sunskin machines

Unmolested (in her words!) A Sunskin liner and shader, she’s asking for £350.

If you’re interested shoot her an email –

(Professionals only)

Brenda Kelly

Our Brenda tattooed a pretty badass wolf the other day.

The original design is from Fables, which was illustrated by a very talented Artist named James Jean. Make sure you check his work out!


Brenda had a little fan-girl moment when James Jean liked the image on her Instagram account!

For bookings email –

Thanks for looking!

Brenda Kelly

Our newest member of the team Brenda did a super cool tattoo on Saturday. Based on an eye make-up image –

Brenda - Eye
She has spaces to tattoo so pop into the shop and have a chat with her about your ideas, or send us an email –

Brenda was welcomed to the shop by our prankster Greg – the little sod!

brenda blue glove

Mr Blue Glove strikes again!